Moving to Japan!

We made it! My husband and I arrived last night to our hotel where we will be staying temporarily until our home supplies arrive. I am so excited to explore the area a little later today.

My adventures in Seattle!

I would first like to thank my dear friends in Seattle and everyone involved with SEAF. I had no idea what to expect at this event. I was welcomed, got to see a unique collection of erotic art from around the world, and enjoyed almost everything the festival had to offer! I hope to come back for 2017!

Flying over the southern San Joaquin Valley.
Crater Lake
Flying over Crater Lake






Savory Tour

20160418_143914  20160418_145632

Pikes Market was excellent, savory and delicious! It was so great to see my dear friend Lindsay and her family! It was a long overdue reunion, I cherish the short time we got to spend together.




The Musical Fountain & Wonderful Things

Seattle Center and EMP Museum

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Seattle Erotic Art Festival



SEAF was the sexiest art show I have ever attended. I never showed my erotica art ever! This was the first time and hopefully not the last time. If you want to go to this event, yet on a budget, become a kinkateer! (volunteer) Seeing the whole event come together from the day the art drop off happened, opening of the art show and the mingling of sexy sophisticated creative peoples of the night, the laid back vibe of the afternoon talks and events of the day, until the end of the celebration and tear down of the equipment, the art being packed up and the event going into hibernation ’till next season. To see the blood, tears, and sweat that people put in to providing the safe and welcoming space for this unique event to thrive in; is an art form in its self. So many talented stage performers, artists and patrons in one place with such positive energy was uplifting.


Thank you Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, thank you members of SEAF, and thank you kinkateers! I hope to be back with more sexy art next year! The biggest thank you of all is to Drea & Josh for saying, “Send in your art” and to Lindsay and her family for always being awesome and the best people.

Last sunset
Last sunset in Washington.


Flying over Mt. Rainier.
Flying over Mt. Shasta






Find me on Fiverr!

I decided to try out Fiverr. Right now you can request a mob of my little monsters. Check it out!

An example of my gig on Fiverr.
An example of my gig.



Creating with Fantasy Genesis


A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a little book called Fantasy Genesis by two of my fellow artists Kat & Scott Vancil. After a long and fun filled weekend at Con-Volution it was suggested as a way to decompress and exercise quick thinking and creativity. After letting the dice roll and creating our lists we were ready to start. The first round was a little difficult for me. I looked at my list and then I went …..blank! O no! I snatched up my phone, punched in an image search of the items from my list and started sketching. After some sketches I decided to take the leap and just draw and paint. After that each round, it was easier to use my imagination and draw faster.


I picked up a copy of Fantasy Genesis and some dice over the holidays with a little help from some gift cards. (Thanks Carl, Cheryl, Eric & Sherri!) I will be adding this as a creative exercise.
If you are an artist who like to challenge with creative thinking, I highly recommend this book!

Use your imagination cause over a billion can’t!



So long Fandom Verse Expo! Thanks for all the Jellybabies!

After being in the Antelope Valley Area for a couple of months, it was so nice to meet other artists, entertainers, Lancaster Nerd Alliance in the area. Thanks you Fandom Verse Expo for putting together a fun and diverse event. I didn’t get to see and do everything they had in the program, but what I did get to was a lot of fun! I look forward to next year.

Still Cleaning From Live Oak

What a week! Live Oak Fest was so great! I met a lot of awesome people and listen to amazing music. I always find myself leaving the event with inspirations and ideas for future work. Looking forward to next year!

I am still cleaning dirt off all my things, but that is the cost of Live Oak.


Getting ready for Live Oak

Memorial weekend is almost over. Next up is Live Oak Music Festival in mid June.

Live Oak Music Festival
Live Oak Music Festival